LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive w/ Add a Lamp Kit


Save on electricity by moving your lights over a larger coverage area!  LightRail 4.20 will move any grow lights/ any hoods, multiple sizes and weights and is a scalable system where up to three indoor grow lights can move in-line with the use of one motor. LightRail is just right for any indoor grow equipment set up including indoor grow light systems, seasonal greenhouse lighting, all season greenhouse grow lights, grow tent set ups and commercial grower facilities.

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LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive w/ Add a Lamp Kit

How the LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive w/ Add a Lamp Kit Works:

LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive Light Mover Kit comes complete with a variable speed LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Motor, a two-piece 2 meter (6’6”) Rail, an Add A Lamp Kit with a second 2-meter Rail, Push/Pull Rod, Auxiliary Trolley, instructions and hardware for moving two lights with the enclosed Motor. In addition, this indoor grow Kit comes with pre-installed Extreme Duty Trolley Wheels rated to 60 lbs, and these wheels have a lifetime warranty! Move two lights along 4 meters (12’) of Rail and all from one Kit box – the LightRail 4.20 – With both a 0 to 60 second adjustable time delay for promoting even growth from end to end plus the added feature of two to four feet per minute adjustable speed control that covers a wide range of lamp intensities and travel distances!


Product Details:

  • LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive Kit moves 2 lights with Motor, Rails, Add A Lamp Kit, Extreme Duty Trolley Wheels pre-installed.
  • Runs on 120 or 240 VAC
  • Adjustable speed plus time delay.
  • Only LightRail will move any light, multiple sizes and weights.



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