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Large Green Solids Filtration Mat

Large Green Solids Filtration Mat

Extra solids filtration for the DIY’er


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For the DIY’er who wants to use mat filtration with good water flow.  These are large 39.5″ x 24.5″ x 1.5″ plastic mats that can be used as they are or cut into whatever smaller size the hobbyist prefers.  Traps large fish waste solids for removal and cleaning with a water hose.

A good biofilter needs a lot of surface area with open spaces between for good aerated water flow. A high surface area is useless if the passageways are so small that water flow cannot penetrate.

*  If you prefer these to be cut smaller by us prior to shipping, please make a note in the customer notes and we will provide this service for you for free!

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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 32 x 3 in


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