HYDROS Rope Leak Sensor Kit


The HYDROS Rope Leak Sensor is a flexible material that detects the presence of water anywhere along the 9ft rope. It detects water and sends a mobile alert to your app. It will also activate an alarm on the controller for immediate alerts. The rope leak sensor plugs directly into any available Sense Port on the Control XS, Control X2, Control X3, Control X4, Control X10, or any future HYDROS Control device.


Extension Cable

Half U Clips for Rope Leak (10pack)

Adhesive clips secure rope to floor

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Daisy chain as many as 50 extension ropes together. Individual rope leak sensors do NOT include mounting clips or adapter to connect to the HYDROS Control.

Rope Length – 9ft (2.7m)
Diameter – 0.18in (4.7mm)

HYDROS Rope Leak Sensor Kit Includes:

  • 9ft sensing rope
  • Adapter cable to connect to any HYDROS Controller
  • 10 mounting clips

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