HYDROS DC Solenoid Water Valve


The valve provides easy on/off water flow. The HYDROS DC Solenoid Valve is a Drive Port accessory for HYDROS Control 2 and Control 4.

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The HYDROS DC Solenoid Valve works in conjunction with a HYDROS controller. When the sensor detects the water level is low, the valve opens to allow fresh source water to flow through and top-off your tank or sump. When the sensor senses that the water level is replenished, the controller will shut off power to the solenoid, stopping the in-flow of water. The HYDROS DC Solenoid Valve should be connected to the product line coming off your source water inlet. It has 1/4″ push-connect fittings to insert into standard tubing quickly and easily.

Just plug it into a Drive Port on the Control 2 or Control 4 for power and control and configure the settings in the HYDROS app. It is recommended to install an auto-shutoff valve and check valve on your source water to prevent it from producing wastewater when the solenoid is closed.

HYDROS DC Solenoid Valve Specs:

  • Max Pressure: 120 PSI

  • The HYDROS DC Solenoid Valve uses a GX12 aviation-style connector so the Control 2 and Control 4 maintain their IP65-rating (dust-tight and protected from water spray at any angle).

  • Powered and controlled by plugging into a Drive Port on the HYDROS Control 2 or Control 4. No additional power cord is required.

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