The Flourish Fish Farm 200


The Flourish Fish Farm 200 is a complete recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) ideally suited to operate as a small fish rearing, quarantine or purge system. The system is designed to operate independently and can be a great addition to your aquaponic farm. Please contact us for a freight shipping quote

Active Carbon Filter

Purify your source water with a Hydrologic instant de-chlorinator and sediment filter with the upgraded KDF85/Catalytic Carbon filter.

Startup Supplies Kit

Includes: AquaCycle Cycling Kit, API Fresh Water Test Kit, AquaDown 32oz, AquaUp 5lbs, AquaNourish Combo Fish Feed (50 Fish), Fish nets (Large and small).

Fish Tank Window Kit

Includes pre-drilled Lexan sheet (18″ x 28″), pre cut gasket (replaces caulking), bolts, nuts and washers and assembly instructions

Hanna GroLine Monitor

Wall-mounted digital monitoring system to keep track of your water pH, temperature, and electrical conductivity


The Flourish Fish Farm 200 Recirculating Aquaculture System

The 200 gallon Aquaculture Purge System system allows for the observation and development of incoming fingerlings to help prevent the introduction of potential diseases to your main fish population. Additionally, harvest-ready fish can be purged in this system after being transferred from the main aquaculture system to improve fish flavor.  The system comes with one 200 gallon fish tank, an Endurance 2000 auto backwashing filter, aeration system, heater, pump and all plumbing components.


  • 200 gallon food-safe PE plastic fish tank (forest green)
  • Endurance 2000 automated bead filtration system
  • 950 GPH inline water pump
  • Hydrus 60 air pump w/ integrated battery backup and aeration system
  • 1000W titanium heater included
  • Assembly and Operations Manual
  • Optional freshwater carbon filtration & autofill system
  • Optional fish tank window kit

Flourish Fish Farm 200 Drawing Set

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