• photo of zym-bak nitrifying bacteria bottles
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    Establishes biological filtration quickly! Freshwater Zym Bac contains species of nitrifying beneficial bacteria needed to start or accelerate the nitrogen cycle of biological filtration for aquaponics, aquariums and ponds. 4 oz will treat up to 10 gallons of water 8 oz will treat up to 20 gallons of water 16 oz will treat up to 40 gallons of water 1 gal will treat up to 320 gallons of water
  • Photo of 16oz bottle of Microbe Life Nite Out
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    The bacteria contained in Microbe-Lift Nitrifying Bacteria will establish, promote or stabilize and maintain nitrification in your aquaponic system, aquarium or pond.  Nitrifying Bacteria are essential for maintaining a safe aquatic environment for your fish, Microbe-Lift ensures that your aquaponics system is functioning properly from cycling startup and beyond.
    • 8oz will treat up to 480 gallons of water
    • 16 oz will treat up to 960 gallons of water
    • 32 oz will treat up to 1920 gallons of water
    • 1 gallon will treat up to 7800 gallons
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