I Choose Family Farm

Alamosa, Colorado

I choose Family Farm is a family owned farm, that has been around for several years producing an enormous amount of soil grow vegetables and fruits for the local markets and grocery stores reaching down into Taos, NM. After, years of growing in soil Jason the proud co-owner decided to take it to the next and leap into the realm of aquaponics and controlled environmental agriculture.

The greenhouse itself is a 30 x 52′ Ceres passive solar greenhouse, which utilizes a geothermal heating system to assist in maintaining a climate controlled greenhouse year-round. Inside is our standard 30 x 52′ Flourish Aquaponic Farm, which features two 8 x 40′ Growasis Modular Raft System and 45 sq. ft of media beds. Currently, I Choose Family Farm is growing a variety of lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs.

This system is currently raising 400 lbs of Hybrid-stripped bass annually.  The fish are stocked in separate tanks for rotational harvesting and will be sold whole to the local community and restaurants.

This farm has the potential to produce 29,000 lbs of vegetables and 450 lbs of fruits annually. All produce is currently being sold to Cid’s Food Market in Taos, NM