Harvest Moon Aquaponics


Harvest Moon Aquaponics Reading, PA We thought we've been everywhere for aquaponics: underground greenhouses, small-town America, barns, sheds, the Bahamas. But once in a blue moon an opportunity comes along that causes us to go, "Whoa." In July 2022 our once-in-a-blue-moon was Harvest Moon Aquaponics, a custom designed indoor small farm inside a.....car dealership! John [...]

Bare Roots Organics


Bare Roots Organics Jupiter, FL Michael Campbell founded Bare Roots Organics in Jupiter, Florida after working many years in video advertising and editing commercials for the Super Bowl. As time passed, and digital editorial work amounted to too many re-runs, Michael changed the channel on his career. Having extensive marine experience and raising coral reef [...]

Nancy Mattingly, an Example of an Example


Nancy Mattingly's van broke down in 1978. It was a should-be catastrophe for the first time mother with a new-born daughter in need of a lift to daycare. Repairs were costly and a new vehicle more so. Nancy didn't know the 'how-to', but she knew the 'what-to': she obtained a mechanic's manual, worked between a [...]

R5 High School: Students as Farmers as Teachers


R5 High School: Students as Farmers as Teachers Maddy may be surface level bashful, but her unearthed dedication to her school's aquaponics speaks for itself. And if she won't say it, faculty and staff at R5 High School will. When asked who the 'go-to' is in the greenhouse, they share one resounding word: Maddy. But [...]

Marine Education Initiative


Marine Education Initiative Nick Metropulos with the Marine Education Initiative reached out to The Aquaponic Source in October of 2020 with a plan to establish an Aquaponics Food Security and Education Program as part of his non-profit. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, the Marine Education Initiative teaches children to be good stewards of the [...]

41 North Aquaponics


41 North Aquaponics Hayden, CO Featuring a year-round, 3,680 square-foot passive-solar greenhouse, and located just 30 minutes drive from Steamboat Springs in Hayden, Colorado, 41North grows leafy greens, herbs, edible flowers, microgreens, and other vegetables for the direct local market throughout the Yampa Valley, providing fresh produce year-round to Steamboat, Hayden, Oak Creek, and Clark. [...]



FarmWild Bellingham, Washington Located on 27 acres on the outskirts of Bellingham, WA, FarmWild is a small scale sustainable farm that has been providing pasture-raised chickens, eggs, turkeys, and pork products to the local community since 2016. The focus of FarmWild is to raise plants and animals using the most ecologically sound principals and practices. [...]

Grand Valley Greens – Indoor Aquaponic Farm


Grand Valley Greens - Loma, CO Grand Valley Greens is located in western Colorado near the Utah border, in the small town of Loma.  The client had recently retired from a longtime job, and saw a need for fresh, healthy produce in the western-slope area.  After attending our 4-day Flourish Farming course, she decided to [...]

Bellavita Farm


Bella Vita Farm Brookville, Maryland Bella Vita Farm LLC, is situated on 103 acres in the agricultural preserve in Brookeville, Maryland just 20 miles outside of our Nations Capital. The farm produces crops for livestock and a variety of greenhouse vegetables. At the center of Bella Vita Farm is an 1860’s historic manor home. The [...]

Raven Ranch


Raven Ranch Idaho Raven Ranch is a custom 23  x 40' Flourish Aquaponic Farm located on a private homestead in Careywood, ID. The proud owners of this farm retired from their lives as medical professionals and decided that they would begin their journey as farmers using sustainable technologies to grow healthy, fresh, and safe produce [...]

Northsider Farms


Northsider Farms Arvada, Colorado Northsider Farms in Arvada, Colorado has been operational since 2017, and supplies fresh, healthy, and local produce and tilapia to the Regis University area. The farm is made up of two greenhouses, each running unique custom aquaponic systems.  The large greenhouse was completed in fall of 2017, and consists of a [...]

GroFresh Farms


GroFresh Farms Grand Junction, Colorado What started out as an experiment to increase agricultural production density at a local church has become a high standard for local food production. GroFresh co-director Rick Kenagy established Canyon View Gardens in 2011 in an effort to multiply the church's budget earmarked for those who have fallen on [...]

Mental Health Center of Denver, Dahlia Campus


Mental Health Center of Denver - Dahlia Campus Take a 5 minute tour of the Dahlia Campus Aquaponic Greenhouse with Tawnya Sawyer The Dahlia Campus Greenhouse is a 5,400 sq ft facility that we designed from the ground up. There was a great deal of community input regarding the types of fish and plants [...]

Ouroboros Farm


Ouroboros Farm 12511 San Mateo Road - Half Moon Bay, California Ken Armstrong owns and operates this beautiful facility with a front end market and retail space followed by three 6,000 sq ft greenhouse bays.  We worked closely with Ken to design a farm to maximize the bays while also providing comfortable amounts of [...]

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