Daniel Oakes High School

Castle Rock, Colorado

Daniel C. Oakes High School is an alternative option and school of choice for students to earn their High School Diploma. The school offers smaller class sizes, personal connection with peers and staff, and prides itself on a sense of community and family.

The system at Daniel Oakes HS was planned for a pre-existing 13 x 26’ FarmTek Greenhouse.  Their system includes 2 identical AquaBundance Modular aquaponic systems. Each system contains a 200-gallon fish tank, filtration system, two media beds and two deep water culture beds.

We designed the high school system with two identical, side-by-side aquaponics systems allow them to run scientific experiments, raise different plant and fish species or provide redundancy should one system have a problem. There is plenty of circulation space in the middle of the greenhouse for small classes and tours. The two different growing methods will also allow for student experiments within the system to determine which plants grow best in which medium.  The growing spaces were finished with dry-erase board paneling to assist in optimizing additional teaching space within the greenhouse.