Project Description

Campbell Residence

Rockwood, Tennessee

The Campbells have a beautiful home in Tennessee featuring a two story south facing atrium with a koi pond and a custom home aquaponic system.

The aquaponic system features a custom home AquaBundance Modular 6 media bed system with our 4’ x 28’ elevated deep water culture trough.  Both growing systems feature a custom powder coated finish picked by the client to match the interior of their atrium. The light rack extensions have been added to support supplemental overhead grow lighting.  The system also features a 300 Gallon fish tank with an acrylic viewing window connected to an Endurance 2000 auto-backwashing filter. The filter flows water in to the plant sump and also has an airlift return to send filtered water directly back to the fish tank. The airlift return allows the fish and plant systems to be fully decoupled so they can run independently from one another. The plant system has it’s own dedicated sump and pumping system for both coupled and decoupled operations. 

Water is supplied to a custom designed wicking bed (2′ wide x 2′ tall x 24′ long) by the aquaponic system by a one way water feed with an auto-top off float valve. Water does not return from the wicking bed back to the fish tank. The wicking bed has it’s own built in sump that serves as a nutrient and leveling reservoir so it can also be run independently from the aquaponic system. A dedicated compost tea brewer for additional mineralization of fish wastes is also included along with 6 AquaVertica Towers for plant production directly over the fish tank. The towers drip into the fish tank providing additional aeration while also providing shade from the direct sunlight for the fish.    

All system plumbing and electrical was carefully installed against the far wall so there are no tripping hazards or unsightly pipes crossing the floor.