The Flourish Farm Online Aquaponic Course
Our online farm course covers all aspects of aquaponic farming as a business. We use a variety of instructor lead teaching methods including In-Farm videos, photos, illustrations, and slidedecks. The course is self paced and broken into 12 different modules outlined below. Enrolling in the complete farm course also gives you access to our Aquaponic Farm Production and Financial Planning Tool as well as access to our extensive electronic resources library.  
Module 1 Aquaponic Components

This module will discuss the various different components commonly found in commercial aquaponic farms.

Unit 1 Aquaponic Components
Module 2 Aquaponic System Design

This module will cover how all the components are designed into a full scale farm. 

Unit 1 Aquaponic System Design
Module 3 Fish Operations

This module will provide an understanding of the fish aspects of the aquaponic system.

Unit 1 Fish Operations
Module 4 Water Quality and Bacteria

This module will discuss source water, filtration, the cycling process and managing water quality. 

Unit 1 Water Quality and Bacteria
Module 5 Plant Management

This module will cover the aspects of plant selection, crop rotation, seeding, transplanting, harvesting, pest management and disease issues. 

Unit 1 Plant Management
Module 6 Food and Farm Safety

This module will discuss the best practices to manage food safety as well as farm safety. 

Unit 1 Food and Farm Safety
Module 7 Business Planning, Financials and Personal Plans

This module will cover aspects of a business plan, accounting, financial proformas, insurance and taxes, staff and personal planning. 

Unit 1 Business and Personal Planning
Module 8 Site and Building Considerations

This module will discuss determining the best site plan, building orientation and various aspects of constructing a greenhouse or building designed for growing. 

Unit 1 Site and Building Considerations
Module 9 Environmental Controls and Monitoring

This module will review the equipment necessary to manage building heating, cooling and ventilation controls. It was also discuss monitoring, backups and data capture. 

Unit 1 Environmental Controls and Monitoring
Module 10 Marketing and Sales

This module will discuss the various different marketing techniques for product, price, promotion, placement, people, packaging and profitability. 

Unit 1 Marketing and Sales