Flourish Farm FAQs

Flourish Farm Production and Cost Comparison

It’s time to take a closer look at how our Flourish Farm Aquaponic Systems match up with one of the most well known commercial aquaponic farm kit systems on the market.

When choosing a turnkey aquaponic farm, it’s important to make an apples to apples comparison of significant features and metrics. […]

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How Much Energy do the Farms Use?

Each farm utilizes a single main pump in normal operating mode running continuously. When running in decoupled mode the farm utilizes two pumps simultaneously. The energy estimates in the below are for water and air pumps required to run the farm. We offer options to heat the water using propane, natural gas or […]

How Much Energy do the Farms Use?2019-01-03T11:37:31-07:00

How do I choose an Aquaponics Company?

First of all we appreciate everyone, including our competitors, who is working to advance better ways of growing food and promoting aquaponics. We don’t disparage others in the industry and we encourage people to take as many classes and workshops as they can from reputable aquaponic companies.

However, we do advise people to do their research […]

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What’s Included with the Purchase of a Flourish Farm?

Here’s a comprehensive list of everything included with our Flourish Farm Systems

  • Fish Tanks (with optional window kits)
  • Tank platforms and cinder block supports
  • AST Endurance 4000 Series Filter(s)
  • Growasis Elevated Raft System for waist high transplanting and harvesting
  • All PVC pipe, fittings and valves (We purchase the PVC pipe for you locally to save […]
What’s Included with the Purchase of a Flourish Farm?2019-01-13T20:22:05-07:00

How Much Money will I Make in Aquaponics?

It Depends… (You probably saw that one coming). There’s a lot to be said on this topic but here is one way of addressing the “it depends” answer. The following tables present a range of hypothetical production numbers, price points and the resulting potential gross revenue.  The second table lists several of the […]

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How do the Farms Work?

Water from the fish tanks feeds by gravity through the filtration system. Fish solid waste is captured in the filter and bacteria on the surface of the biofilter media convert toxic ammonia to nitrates. An aerobic digester tank allows solids that are removed from the filter to be further “mineralized” to maximize nutrient […]

How do the Farms Work?2019-01-13T19:43:55-07:00
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