Module 1 Introduction and Planning
Unit 1 Link and Downloads  
Unit 2 Course overview and Greenhouse Planning Considerations  
Module 2 Business and Regulatory Considerations
Unit 1 Business, Land, Building, Customer and Accessibility  
Unit 2 Zoning, Regulations, Licensing  
Unit 3 Entitlement  
Unit 4 Permits, Inspections and Occupancy  
Module 3 Location Considerations
Unit 1 Location Considerations and Master Planning  
Unit 2 Greenhouse Orientation  
Unit 3 Soils and Drainage  
Unit 4 Utilities and Water  
Unit 5 Transportation Security and Other Considerations  
Unit 6 Planning Case Study  
Module 4 Types of Greenhouses
Unit 1 Introduction and Benefits  
Unit 2 Selecting a Greenhouse  
Unit 3 Common Greenhouse Types  
Unit 4 Passive Solar Greenhouses  
Module 5 Building Materials and Considerations
Unit 1 Materials and Construction  
Unit 2 Flooring considerations  
Unit 3 Building Materials  
Unit 4 Greenhouse Coverings  
Module 6 Interior and Exterior Planning
Unit 1 Interior Planning - Bio Secure Entranceway  
Unit 2 Exterior Planning  
Unit 3 Head Houses  
Unit 4 Project Reviews  
Module 8 Environmental Systems
Unit 1 Greenhouse Air, Temp, Humidity, Microclimates  
Unit 2 Ventilation and Air Exchange  
Unit 3 Heating Consideration  
Unit 4 Cooling Considerations  
Unit 5 Controller Systems