Worm Factory Coir 650g Brick – 5 Pack


Now with the Worm Factory Vermicomposting system by Nature’s Footprint you can easily and efficiently compost your food scraps without odor…and farm a great source of snacks for your aquaponics fish as well!

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Worm Factory Coir 650g Brick – 5 Pack

How the Worm Factory Coir 650g Brick – 5 Pack works:

The Worm Factory coir is an all-natural coconut material that is perfect bedding for your Worm Factory. Each 650g brick will fill 3 – 4 trays depending on how much other dry paper is used. The coconut coir is also an excellent product for the potting plants or starting seeds and can be used anywhere you want to hold moisture and aerate the soil.

Product Details: .

  • Replaces peat moss, rockwool & perlite
  • Compressed bricks are easy to handle & store
  • Disease Resistant
  • Excellent air space & water holding capacity
  • pH Neutral
  • Holds between 8 & 10 times its volume in water

(This product is available only in the U.S. and Canada.)

This product is drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer.

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