The Waterproof ORP/PH/Temp tester is ideal for taking measurements virtually anywhere. With this ORP tester, monitor both pH and ORP at the same time.

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The HI98121 Waterproof ORP/PH/Temp Tester is an ergonomically lightweight tester. This tester floats, making it ideal for taking ORP measurements virtually anywhere. With the ORP/PH/Temp Tester, it is possible to monitor both pH and ORP at the same time. Use the HI98121 to monitor pH and chlorine for many applications including swimming, food sanitization, plating wastewater treatment, and cooling tower water treatment.

By definition, pH measures the voltage from an electrochemical cell at zero current. This generates a potential that is proportional to the thermodynamic activity of the ion being measured.

Similar to a pH measurement that quantifies how acidic or alkaline solutions are, ORP (Oxidation Potential) measurements quantify the overall state of a solution as having the ability to oxidize or reduce a chemical species. This meter uses Oxidizing and reducing reagents to participate in chemical reactions known as redox reactions.

An ORP meter must be chemically inert; it cannot be oxidized or reduced itself. It must also have the proper surface characteristics to promote rapid electron exchange, a property known as high exchange current density. Two noble metals have proven to work well for this purpose: pure platinum and pure gold are both apart of the construction of ORP sensors.

  1. FEATURES of the ORP/PH/Temp Tester AT-A-GLANCE:
    · Waterproof
  2. · Automatic Temperature Compensation
  3. · HOLD feature
  4. · Simple to use
  5. · Economical

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