Ball Valves- Barb x MPT


Plastic ball valves are used to regulate flow of water from a water pump or gravity fed systems. Connect a section of vinyl tubing to one side to control flow of water in low pressure systems. Screw the threaded side into bulkheads or FPT adapters. Pinch or hose clamps are recommended to fasten the tubing to the barb adapter.

Barb x Barb valves are available in 1/2” or 3/4” sizes.




Need More Vinyl Tubing?

Click on these links to select the amount of vinyl tubing your project needs!

1/2″ Vinyl Tubing by the ft

3/4″ Vinyl Tubing by the ft

Threading Into a Banjo Bulkhead

Banjo Bulkhead fittings are designed to create watertight seals in your tanks. They are built for heavy duty applications and are a must on a larger aquaponic or hydroponic system. The Banjos themselves are manufactured with Polypropylene and use an EPDM-gasket; this combination gives the Banjo’s a long life and durability. These bulkhead fittings have threaded connections on both sides (FPT x FPT). Check the hole size chart below.

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