Thrive Agritech 300W Apex Light Bar


The Thrive Agritech 300W Apex Grow Light is designed for any indoor grow setting where crops require high-intensity light. The light bar’s intensity and uniformity make it particularly effective for fruiting, leafy green, and vegetative crop production.

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Thrive Apex 300 watt light bar wiring and interconnection information shows that 110V lights can be daisy chained up to three fixtures and the 240V lights can be daisy chained up to six fixtures.
  • Higher Crop Yield

    The Thrive Agritech 300W Apex Grow Light is ideal for both multi-tier and indoor grow operations. A higher yield means a higher profit margin and an increase to your business’s bottom line.

  • Waterproof

    The Apex grow light is designed to withstand high-moisture environments for up to five years.

  • High-Intensity Indoor Farming Applications

    The Apex delivers full spectrum white light to the canopy at mounting heights between 2-6ft. With about 30% better energy efficiency than double-ended HPS, the Apex quickly pays for itself.

Input Power
300 Watts

Input Voltage
110-277 or 277-480V


47.25″ x 3.43″ x 4.57″

40,000 hours


2.6 umols/joule



5 years

Items Not Included in Your Purchase

The number of power cables required to operate your Thrive Apex Light Bars depend on your voltage and total number of lights.

110V: Only three lights can be daisy chained being powered from the same power cable.
240V: Only six lights can be daisy chained being powered from the same power cable.

Power cables and interconnection cables must be purchased separately.

There are many ways to install the Apex Light Bars. We recommend suspending them using our Light Riser Hangers.


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