Hydrofarm Light Riser Hanging System


The Light Riser Hanging System makes hanging lighting fixtures, reflectors, filters or other equipment a snap.

These are what we use in our Aquaponics Showroom, Grow Lab, and all lighting system we engineer. We love them!

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Hydrofarm Light Riser Hanging System

Simply secure one of the quick release carabiner clips to a firm location, such as a light rack, rafter, or other type of support over your grow bed. Attach the other clip to the object you want to hang, and then pull the cord until the desired height is reached. It’s as simple as that.  System has a locking tab that will lower light fixture or other piece of equipment when pressed.

Product Details:

• Holds up to 150 lbs (75 lbs per ratchet)
• Quick release switches let you loosen the rope and re-adjust to the height required
• Locking system secures your object in place
• Durable construction will never break, slip, or rust
• Includes 4 quick release carabiner clips and 8 feet of tough braided polypropylene rope

Resources are being developed from this product. Please contact us for more information.

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