Hydrologic GroGreen Water Filter for Garden Hose


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Purify your water source simply and effectively! For pure water straight from the hose, there’s the Garden Hose Water Filter. The GoGreen Filter uses environmentally friendly green coconut carbon and KDF55 filtering media to dramatically reduce chlorine, chemicals, sediments, Iron and metallic particles for healthier soils, and better-tasting water. Invigorates compost, bio-teas, and soil amendments.


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Hydrologic GroGreen Water Filter for Garden Hose

How the Hydrologic GroGreen Water Filter for Garden Hose Works:

Quickly, attach this compact garden hose water filter to any garden hose!

Water is filtered through eco-friendly green coconut carbon and KDF55 media.  Chlorine, chloramine, tastes and odors, sediment, volatile organic compounds, chemicals, and rust and iron particles are efficiently removed, while the KDF media inhibits bacterial growth.

Includes a “filter saver” brass hose bib connector. This filter features fast flow rates of 2 GPM and a long filter life of 8,000 gallons.  Made from recyclable plastic.

Product Details:

• Eliminates harmful chlorine and reduces chloramines
• Reduces foul tastes & odors, chemicals, V.O.C.’s, sediment, rust & iron particles
• Invigorates organic compost, soil amendments & bio-teas
• Improves the quality of fruits, vegetables & flowers
• 8,000 gallons of filtered water @ 2 gallons per minute

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