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LumiGrow Pro 325

LumiGrow Pro 325

Uses 70% less energy than 1000w HID!


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LumiGrow Pro 325 – LED Lights(This product is available only in the U.S.  and ships directly from our distributor )

The LumiGrow Pro 325 matches the red and blue PAR output of 1000-Watt HID lights and
uses 70% less energy.
What does that mean in terms of real dollars?  PER EACH Pro 325 Vs. 1000w HID ran at 16 hours a day and .12/KWh: LumiGrow lighting will save ~$45 per month in electrical savings alone between those two fixtures. [That is a payback period of around 2 years solely on those electricity savings.]When you take out the cost of the HID fixture and bulb replacement the payback period shrinks to 1.3 years. Accounting for the extra savings from less energy used for cooling, the need for other equipment like chillers, ducting and the money saved on labor for HID bulb replacement, the payback period will easily be under a year. Now consider saving $45 per month for the remainder of the warranty (~4 years). That

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15.81 x 12.94 x 10.19 in


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