Water Quality and Bacteria Online Course


Dive in and learn how to properly manage and optimize your farm’s water quality. Learn how to establish and maintain a healthy population of beneficial bacteria that are the engine of a healthy and productive aquaponic system.


Water Quality and Bacteria Online Course

This class is part of the Flourish Farm Aquaponic Online Course

Module 1 Introduction to Aquaponic Water and Bacteria
Unit 1 Overview of Water Resource Downloads  - Preview
Unit 2 Living Water and Recirculating Systems
Module 2 Source Water and Filtration
Unit 1 Understanding Your Source Water
Unit 2 Source Water Filtration
Module 3 Water Characteristics
Unit 1 Temperature, pH and Alkalinity
Module 4 Nitrification Cycle
Unit 1 Cycling Your System
Unit 2 Nitrification
Module 5 Water Testing
Unit 1 Water Testing
Module 6 Bacteria (the good and the bad), Denitrification, Algae and Duckweed
Unit 1 Forms of Bacteria and Denitrification
Unit 2 Algae, Duckweed and More

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