The Infusinator™


This Venturi nozzle efficiently aerates water without the need for an expensive air pump and air stones. When connected to a water pump, the Infusinator injects high levels of oxygens into the water column while also preventing suspended solids from settling on your trough floor.

Some sample applications are hydroponic deep water culture beds, large fish aquariums, or ornamental ponds.


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The Design

This Venturi nozzle efficiently adds air into the water. Instead of a single entry point for air into the water stream, this design offers multiple entry points, allowing the nozzle to inject air directly into the water stream.



For a small scale system, a single nozzle could be connected to a small pump. For larger scale systems, dozens of nozzles could connect into a manifold for a small ponds or hydroponic deep water culture systems.



This chart demonstrates the normal oxygen levels in the DWC bed. At a set time, the Venturi circulation pump is turned on and you’ll see a spike in the amount of oxygen being added to the water. Three hours later, the pump is turned off.

Some water pressure is needed to force water through the nozzle. It’s recommended have at least 150 mbar (2.2 psi) of pressure for the nozzle to be effective. This will equate to about 2.3 lpm (140.3 cu in/min) of air being injected into the water. It is possible to operate a system under higher pressure which will produce more air, but it will take more power to run the pump.

Design Wizard

Not sure how many Infusinators you’ll need? This design calculator can aid with calculating the number of nozzles you can use as well as the size of the water pump to insure an adequate operation. The primary function of the calculator is to design for hydroponic deep water culture beds. Click HERE to use the design tool.

Although a bit more technical, this calculator can be used for systems that utilize more plumbing parts, such as installing Infusinators into an aquaculture system. Click
HERE for the calculator.

Why Is It Better?

  • They don’t clog…well, almost: The largest particle that can pass through the nozzle can’t exceed 7mm (a little over 1/4 inch). Placing a standard screen over the water pump’s intake prevent solids build up, making the nozzles maintenance free!
  • Less expensive: A single air stone can cost over $15, usually cost more for larger stones. Air pumps can be very expensive for larger systems whereas a water pump for an equivalent area can be cheaper and consume less power. This aeration system can be constructed with these Venturi nozzles, an inexpensive water pump, and standard plumbing fittings!
  • Better circulation: Not only do the nozzles help to add air into the water, they also jettison water which circulates water several feet away. This helps to maintain better circulation of air and nutrients through the system, plus can reduce the amount of suspended solids settling out of the water.

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