• Aquatop 800 watt titanium heater
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    Aquatop's TH-C800 800 watt fully submersible titanium heater offers a durable design for diverse placements and are long lasting thanks to their titanium heating element construction. This 800 watt titanium heater treats up to 270 gallons of water. The Aquatop 800W Titanium Heater is the heater only and does not include a thermostat or controller. In order to use this heater, you must power it via a temperature controller.  If you do not have a controller, select the Ink Bird Digital Temperature Controller below.
  • Controller for Heat Mats
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    Controls seedling heat mats and tank heaters! The Digital Temperature Controller is a great solution to control temperatures for heat mats and tank heaters.
  • Aquatop Titanium Heater with a controller
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    Aquatop Titanium Heaters

    Providing a consistent water temperature for your fish is critical for their health. The Aquatop Titanium Heaters are compact and durable. Each heater comes with a controller, thermostat and sensor. The 1000 and 1500 watt units feature a dual display digital controller with audible high/low temp alarm.
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