Aquaponics Fest 2014

Aquaponics Fest 2014

The Aquaponics Festival for Home and School Aquaponics

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first annual Aquaponics Fest and made it such a runaway success! We hope everyone enjoyed meeting their fellow aquapons while having fun and broadening their aquaponics knowledge. If you would like to keep in touch with the people you met at the festival, join the Aquaponics Fest 2014 Group on The Aquaponic Gardening Community.


The inaugural year of Aquaponics Fest received glowing reviews. Here are just some of the lovely things people have had to say about the festival.

I had a ball and learned tons. What an amazing line up of speakers. I was blown away. I don’t say this lightly, but that’s probably these most informative and useful conference I’ve been to in my life! Every speaker was excellent and had tons of useful information. I soaked it up like a sponge.
Dan Chiras, Director, The Evergreen Institute

The Festival was a huge success and everybody we spoke with not only learned important things to further their systems but the connections, fellowship and fun for the festival was just awesome.

After attending other Aquaponics events that were significantly overpriced, stuffy and not as well thought out, Sylvia offered a real grass roots, down to earth and more realistic event that was also laid back, comfortable to attend and attuned to Aquaponics participants not just the presenters.

We look forward to next year! Thanks again.
ASC Magazine, Staff and Friends

Thanks so much for an awesome event! You’ve done it again!
I had a blast and learned A TON despite the fact that I’ve been doing Aquaponics for years now (and Hydroponics for many years before that).
— James Fry,

The Festival was done well, and we had a great time. Participation was just right for the space, and the presentations, booths, guided tours, and store to support those ready to use the knowledge they gained. It was great seeing old friends, and making new ones.
— SchoolGrown, Inc.

Fantastic, wonderful, terrific, amazing!!!!! Seriously now, I truly enjoyed being there. I wish I would have had the time and mental stamina to see just about every presentation. There were some I had to miss because I had to choose. Great work.
— Anonymous survey respondent

Congratulations on your inaugural event. I had a fantastic weekend and loved it all. As usual I have come away energized to have a go at all the suggestions. Thanks to you, your team and all of the presenters.
Maureen T., Boulder, CO

Thanks for all the work you and your crew put into it – I feel stimulated to try some new things at my place, and more enthusiastic than ever about the potential for AP to change the world!
Rohan Roy, Leadville, CO


Did you miss Aquaponics Fest 2014 or one of the presentations in the Warehouse? Never fear! Order your copy of the official Aquaponics Fest 2014 DVD Set now. 100% of the net proceeds go to the Grants for Plants Foundation!

Some of you have asked about the availability of the presentation slides from the festival. We have asked permission from each of the speakers to make them available for download. Here are the ones we have received permission for so far. Check back here for updates.

Photo Highlights

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Check out SchoolGrown, Inc.’s photos from Aquaponics Fest 2014!

(Photos provided by Event Flicks)

Aquaponics Fest 2014
Aquaponics Fest 2014
Aquaponics Fest 2014
Aquaponics Fest 2014
Aquaponics Fest 2014
Aquaponics Fest 2014
Aquaponics Fest 2014
Aquaponics Fest 2014

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