Exceeding Expectations

Classroom instruction and activities are designed to result in specific learning outcomes so you will leave the class confident in your knowledge and ability to plan, build and manage your aquaponic system at any level. Listening to your goals and objectives at the very beginning is the key to making sure we provide the best possible education and exceed your expectations. 



We've learned a lot over the years and we have made many mistakes along the way. We look forward to sharing our successes and failures with you so you will have the best opportunity to succeed.


Tawnya and JD have been full time aquaponic farmers, educators and researchers since 2009. They have surrounded themselves with a talented and experienced team specializing in aquaponics, permaculture, greenhouses, water reclamation, aquaculture, and much more. 

Our Instructors

Total Farm Guru and fearless leader of fish

Tawnya Sawyer

Farm business, management, and all things aquaponic. 

Flourish Farm Manager, Aquaponics Guru and Training Master
She looks forward to growing food and minds with family, friends, community and many others.
Tawnya’s motto – “the more you know, the 
more you grow”.

John Von Tungeln

Computer geek transformed into a sustainable technology geek.  John lives and breathes permaculture and aquaponics.  Now he uses his skills to further a business that has a positive impact on the world.

Total Farm Guru and fearless leader of fish

James Fry

In order to change our current food paradigm, James believes we need to think critically, access our creativity, and take massive action towards bringing all forms of regenerative agriculture practice into our homes, communities, and farms. 

Total Farm Guru and fearless leader of fish

Avery Ellis

Avery is an eco-entrepreneur. Integrating his diverse skill set into comprehensive designs, Avery focuses on designing ecosystems that serve humanity by mimicking the earths natural processes. In each project, he brings science and craftsmanship together for integrated ecological solutions.

Total Farm Guru and fearless leader of fish

JD Sawyer

Farm business, management, and all things aquaponic

Owner & CEO, Colorado Aquaponics & The Aquaponic Source
JD is passionate about the possibilities that aquaponics offers for sustainable local food production, resource conservation, community outreach and green job opportunities.

Sean Short

Sean considers himself part hippie and part molecular biologist that wants to see a balance between nature and science.

Total Farm Guru and fearless leader of fish

Jim Frasche

Director of Farm and Business Solutions

As the Director of Farm and Business Solutions, Jim is actively working on piloting aquaponics projects in Africa and expanding the knowledge of aquaponics to communities near and far.

Total Farm Guru and fearless leader of fish

Jenna Smith

Farm business, management, and all things aquaponic

Jenna Smith manages our brand new aquaponic farm built at the Denver Mental Health Center. Her communications skills and pure love for aquaponics shine through in her work at the farm. 

Our Aquaponic Classes

Our intro course covering the fundamentals
of aquaponics for the home gardener

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Our two day intensive for a deeper dive
into the tank so to speak

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Learn to design and build an energy efficient passive solar aquaponics greenhouse

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A Four Day Course Focused on Aquaponic Farming for Profit, Communities and Food Security

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