ZipGrow Media Pulling Hook

No matter how big an aquaponics setup seems when you first start out, soon enough you wish you had even more growing space. The drive towards independence from your local grocery store is addictive. Here in our greenhouse garden, we have enough tomatoes, peppers and herbs of all types, but the strawberries take up a bunch of space whether they are in their productive season or not. And what about lettuce? I can never quite bring myself to commit valuable grow bed space to lettuce that could be used to grow still more tomatoes, peppers and strawberries.

ZipGrow Tower – 5 ft., Hanging



ZipGrow Tower – 3 ft., HangingI found the solution! Grow Vertical! These very cleverly designed vertical growing systems are called ZipGrow Vertical Towers. They are called ZipGrow because you just zip up your seedlings between two pieces of durable mesh material and drip the water from your fish tanks through the top opening. I’ve come to love them for my faster-growing crops, like lettuces and greens, because ZipGrows are so easy to harvest. The developers tell me that they also work great for strawberries, peppers and a wide variety of other crops. The best news is that they can just hang right over your fish tank – adding more plant growing capacity without taking up any valuable grow bed space!

Check them out by clicking here – ZipGrow Vertical Towers.