The original, single-phase ammonia, chlorine & chloramine remover! Liquid Buffered ClorAm-X utilizes a patented molecule to destroy chloramine and then removes the ammonia and chlorine. Gone are the days of hoping your biological filtration can remove the bound up ammonia before the health of your fish is impacted, a common process with most other ammonia removers. Look for the ClorAm-X logo and USA patent number to prove you’ve chosen the leader in ammonia removal worldwide!



How ClorAm-X Works:

The original, single-phase ammonia, chlorine & chloramine remover! ClorAm-X is a unique, dry powder, water conditioner for use in all types of fish and aquatic invertebrate culture. Dosage Rate: Once ounce per 235 gallons of water to remove 1mg/L of total ammonia present.

Product Details: 

  • Removes & Detoxifies: Chlorine, Ammonia, Chloramines
  • Suitable for use on fish & shellfish intended for human consumption
  • Safeguards fish from ammonia during shipping for up to 72 hours


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