HYDROS Water Level Sensor


The HYDROS Water Level Sensor senses when your tank or sump needs to be topped off.

The sensor plugs into any Sense Port on a HYDROS device (NOT included) and does not require any additional power source.

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The HYDROS Water Level Sensor does not contain any moving parts that can fail. It’s a little over a half-inch thick with a circumference the size of a penny. The sensor is magnetically coupled with the magnet side measuring only ¼” thick. This sensor can be mounted to most clear, tinted, or painted surfaces up to ½” thick.

Set one up as a high-level sensor and another as a low-level sensor as part of a dual-sensor automatic top-off (ATO) system. Place these sensors inside your sumps or containers so you could be alerted when they need to be refilled.

HYDROS Water Level Sensor Specs:

  • Cord length – 98″
  • Max Mounting Thickness: ½”
  • Magnetic attachment
  • For freshwater and saltwater systems
  • Powered, monitored, and controlled by plugging into a Sense Port on the HYDROS Control

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