Aquaponic Gardener Profile – Ouroboros

Aquaponic Gardener Profile – Ouroboros

Half Moon Bay, CA

Established 2012 & Owned by Ken Armstrong and Jessica Patton


Ken and Jessica bring a dedicated focus on clean food and healthy lifestyle choices at Ouroboros Farms, and work to provide all their customers with a deeper connection to their food source. They […]

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Five Lighting Tips to Light Up Your Aquaponics System

Aquaponic LightingMimicking the Sun – Indoor Grow Lights

When the summer is at its hottest or the winter it’s coldest, growing in a basement, garage, or barn may mean you have much more specific control of the temperature. You also may choose to grow […]

Five Lighting Tips to Light Up Your Aquaponics System2019-05-20T13:22:34-06:00

The Story of AquaSprouts: Inspiring Aquaponics Education

Jack Ikard

The Story of AquaSprouts

Meet Jack Ikard. A young gentleman with a passion to feed minds and fuel curiosity with aquaponics. Jack was introduced to aquaponics by his environmental science teacher during his junior year of high […]

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Aquaponics Community Options

Aquaponics community

Because aquaponics is such a new growing method, relatively few books have been written on it and most of the university studies have focused on commercial systems. The best place for a beginning, or even experienced, aquaponic gardener to gather knowledge is to explore various […]

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