New Way Aquaponics

Memphis, Tennessee

Daryl at New Way Aquaponic Farms has big dreams of growing food for his community in Tennessee.  The aquaponic system we helped him put in place is an initial demo system for his growing business.  The installed system was to be a proof of concept before eventually building out a commercial farm in the rest of his building space, used to provide locally grown fish and produce to the surrounding Memphis area.  The system at New Way Aquaponics utilizes a variety of growing methods, including an “L”-shaped AquaBundance system with four media beds as well as a 4’x12′ Growasis Elevated Deep Water Culture trough.  Right now, the media beds are growing basil and squash, while the Growasis DWC is growing lettuce, herbs, and other leafy greens.  The design also takes advantage of advanced growing technologies, including:

  • Digital monitoring systems
  • Ceramic metal halide grow lights on moving track systems – expanding the lighting footprint while saving electricity

With the system now up and running, New Way Aquaponics now offers classes on Aquaponics throughout the year.  Check them out if you’re in the area!