Treating Algae in Aquaponic Systems

There are several steps to reduce algae in aquaponic systems. First, cover any exposed water; we use shade cloth that is either made to fit the tank or hung above the fish system. Also, minimize the amount of time that your raft boards are removed from your […]
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How To Treat Ich

If you are losing fish due to ich, one treatment solution we use is Ich Attack, which uses a blend of herbal extracts to attack the protozoa, which causes ich. In addition to this, if you increase the water temperature higher than 85, than you will speed up the life cycle to […]
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Where should I Install the System?

Aquabundance systems can be installed in many places however some are better suited than others. Please read our Getting Started Checklist for a more detailed overview of space requirements. Here are a few key considerations:

A solid, level and cleanable surface is ideal to support the weight of the system and to be able to […]

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Can your team install my system?

Yes we can. If you would like us to install your Aquabundance system, please contact one of our sales and design team specialists. They will discuss your project and location to determine and installation plan. Travel and lodging fees will apply including the day rate for labor.

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How much is shipping?

Shipping Aquabundance Modular systems requires freight delivery on one or more pallets from our Colorado facility to your location. A flat rate shipping fee has been determined for each size system based upon average freight shipping rates for systems in the domestic US. Once you choose the size of your system and options, a flat […]

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Can I use well water in the system?

We strongly recommend having your source water tested by a local and reputable lab for heavy metals, contaminants, pathogens and other factors that could require either pre-treatment of the water or use if a different water source prior to introduction into your Aquabundance system. A good resource for learning more about well and ground water […]

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Can I run the system without fish?

You can run the system hydroponically with a good full spectrum organic hydroponic nutrient solution such as Espartan. However, this is a more expensive way to run the system in the long haul as opposed to feeding fish who provide nutrients naturally and consistently. Fish feed is less expensive and nutrient delivery is more […]

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Where do I get Fish and Plants?

Fish – We recommend reaching out to your local fish farmers to see if they can provide you with the species you are looking for. We find it’s best to support your local fish farmer who can usually help deliver your fish and understands their specific needs. There are also suppliers who ship fingerlings around […]

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How much energy does the system use?

Our standard Aquabundance systems come with an Alita ultra quiet linear air pump which draws about 60 watts continuously.

Water pumps range from 60 to 92 watts continuously.

Optional components that require electric service include water heaters and artificial grow lighting. We typically recommend a 1000 watt submersible heater for the 200 gallon fish tank.

Lighting electrical loads […]

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Can I Install the Aquabundance system myself?

Yes!  Our systems have been designed so people can install them without special tools, extra hardware or plumbing experience. All of the plumbing connections are Quik-loc, Uniseal or Fernco connections that don’t require any cutting, priming or gluing. The frame is assembled using the supplied hex-key wrench. We provide highly visual assembly manuals for the […]

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