The Effects of a UV Sterilizer on an Aquaponics System

by Joanne Bell, Grow Lab Manager, The Aquaponic Source

We had an unfortunate invasion of planktonic algae (floating microscopic plants) in one of our grow lab systems. Unlike other forms of algae that cling to surfaces, this type is free-floating in the water. In lakes and ponds, some planktonic algae is considered beneficial. But too much can […]

The Effects of a UV Sterilizer on an Aquaponics System2015-03-15T20:27:27-06:00

Aquaponics Fest 2014 – Post Fest Thoughts

After five months of planning, the first annual Aquaponics Fest weekend has now come and gone.  And what a weekend it was!  Over 250 aquaponics enthusiasts from all around the country, and from as far away as Japan, came together to learn from the experts and from each other, see some cool new products, and […]

Aquaponics Fest 2014 – Post Fest Thoughts2014-12-15T13:05:06-07:00

Aquaponics – Dual Root Zone

AquaDRThe idea behind this technique is to create a separate area in the top of the root zone where you can boost growth by adding fertilizer (organic, of course!) to the top roots of the plant in a way that doesn’t drain into the water for […]

Aquaponics – Dual Root Zone2019-05-20T06:37:58-06:00

Aquaponics Disaster Preparedness

Boulder FloodTo say this past week has been a tough one for the communities where I live (Boulder, CO) and work (Longmont, CO) would be an extreme understatement.  Record rainfalls causing major floods have forced us all to focus strictly on life’s basics.  Is our […]

Aquaponics Disaster Preparedness2014-05-05T09:02:50-06:00

Household Food Security

Secure Your Food Source

“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success” – Henry Ford

Household food security no matter what happens

household food securityWe all enjoy the convenience of dropping into the grocery store for those few last minute necessities and we hope that it […]

Household Food Security2014-12-15T13:06:33-07:00

Home Aquaponics

Home Aquaponics is the ultimate way to grow your own fresh, healthy food for yourself and your family

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change” -Buddha

We start out the summer with dreams of our future beautiful, productive garden. But soon the weeds come. By the […]

Home Aquaponics2020-03-17T10:04:56-06:00

The Aquaponic Source Has a New Home!

It has finally happened. The “child” that has been The Aquaponic Source has finally outgrown its parent’s basement and needs to find a place of its own. We’ve certainly been fortunate to be able to incubate our new business in our empty nest these past three years, and a commute that can be measured in […]

The Aquaponic Source Has a New Home!2014-05-07T10:23:08-06:00
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