The Carbonates Controversy in Aquaponics

To review, carbonates “buffer” or modulate the movement of pH in your water.  Buffer strength indicates how well the water in a system resists pH change when either an acid or a base is added.  You can measure buffer strength using an API GH and KH test kit, and strengthen your buffer by adding […]

The Carbonates Controversy in Aquaponics2024-02-01T15:30:59-07:00

Iron Deficiency in Aquaponics

The good news – fish waste broken down by bacteria is a surprisingly complete plant fertilizer.  However, aquaponic systems are routinely deficient in a few nutrients  – primarily potassium, calcium, and iron.  We routinely address the potassium and calcium deficiencies by buffering (raising) our system’s pH with compounds based on those elements.  But what should […]

Iron Deficiency in Aquaponics2024-02-01T15:23:30-07:00

pH and Water Hardness in your Aquaponics System

Most of us aquapons know that the health of all the creatures in our systems (fish, plants, worms, and bacteria) depends on proper pH. We also know that we are targeting pH in the 6.8 to 7.0 range but that we don’t have to worry about adjusting it until it goes down to 6.4 or […]

pH and Water Hardness in your Aquaponics System2019-05-20T06:12:55-06:00
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