7 Ways Aquaponics is Sustainable

Sustainability in Aquaponics

Aquaponics has been around for Sustainable Tilapiathousands of years, and back then, no one used words like sustainable. They just understood that by working with nature, they would have more food. Today we place value on sustainability, and we want to […]

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Aquaponic Gardener Profile – Flourish Farm

Aquaponic Gardener Profile – Flourish Farms

Denver, CO

Established 2011 & Owned by JD and Tawnya Sawyer

Boot-strapped through a successful Kickstarter campaign the aquaponic food grown at Flourish Farms (run by Colorado Aquaponics) travels less than 5 miles to the customer. Even better, everything is harvested within a few hours of being eaten. Together with the non-profit organization The […]

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Sustain: How Colorado Aquaponics is Changing the Food System

“The food system is out of balance,” says JD Sawyer, founder of Colorado Aquaponics, which houses an aquaponics farm known as Flourish Farms. “We’ve got to figure out a way to have higher quality foods using less resources, period, or it’s not gonna work. It’s really gonna take a grassroots effort. Instead of […]

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The Story of AquaSprouts: Inspiring Aquaponics Education

Jack Ikard

The Story of AquaSprouts

Meet Jack Ikard. A young gentleman with a passion to feed minds and fuel curiosity with aquaponics. Jack was introduced to aquaponics by his environmental science teacher during his junior year of high […]

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The top 10 reasons why your aquaponics system isn’t cycling

Establishing the nitrogen cycle, AKA ‘cycling’, can be the hardest part of aquaponics, in part because the activity is all invisible to the naked eye. Aquaponics cycling, however, is the most crucial and probably the most difficult part of aquaponics – but it really isn’t that hard if you can be patient! We hope that […]

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Top 5 Edibles for Your Aquaponic Efforts

Top 5 Edibles for Your Aquaponic Efforts – Aquaponic Loving Edibles

Just how do some greens grow exceptionally well in aquaponics? Well, we’ll tell ya. Fish produce waste that contains ammonia, which is then converted into nitrates by two important nitrifying bacteria (Nitrosomonas and Nitrospira). Nitrosomonas bacteria create nitrites as a byproduct of their consumption of ammonia. […]

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Maintaining temperature in your system

Water Temperature in Aquaponics

One of the most important parameters to monitor and maintain in your aquaponics system is a consistent water temperature. This is particularly important for the health of the fish. Fish are considered poikilothermic which means that they are cold blooded and their body temperature is not internally regulated. As a result their […]

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