Project Description

Raven Ranch


Raven Ranch is a custom 23  x 40′ Flourish Aquaponic Farm located on a private homestead in Careywood, ID. The proud owners of this farm retired from their lives as medical professionals and decided that they would begin their journey as farmers using sustainable technologies to grow healthy, fresh, and safe produce and fish for the local community.  This will significantly reduce the residents’ commute to the nearest large grocery store, which takes an hour or longer to reach.

This system is currently raising 300 lbs of Largemouth Bass and Tilapia annually.  The fish are stocked in separate tanks for rotational harvesting and will be sold whole to the local community and restaurants. The fish system was installed in an attached 10 x 40′ headhouse to maximize greenhouse production. Placing fish in a separate head house also helps to insulate your aquaponic system more effectively.

The greenhouse itself is a Ceres passive solar greenhouse, which utilizes a geothermal heating system to assist in maintaining a climate controlled greenhouse year-round. Inside an 8 x 28′ Growasis Elevated-Modular Raft System grows various leafy greens and herbs, and a decoupled dutch bucket system grows fruiting crops. Currently, Raven Ranch is growing a variety of kale, lettuce, swiss chard, pak choi, tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs. This farm use’s a state of the art LED lighting system to ensure high output of crops year round.

This farm has the potential to produce 10,000 lbs of vegetables and 600 lbs of fruits annually. All produce is sold at the local grocery store and community center.