Bare Roots Organics

Jupiter, FL

Michael Campbell founded Bare Roots Organics in Jupiter, Florida after working many years in video advertising and editing commercials for the Super Bowl. As time passed, and digital editorial work amounted to too many re-runs, Michael changed the channel on his career. Having extensive marine experience and raising coral reef tanks, Michael chose to start fresh with a common thread: Water. So, in 2020-21, Michael contacted The Aquaponic Source to begin the design work on a commercial-sized custom aquaponic farm inside his residential greenhouse. The aquaponic farm was installed by the Aquaponic Source in July (hot!) 2021. In the two short years since the custom aquaponic farm was built, Michael has provided his produce to local restaurants, grocery stores, Farmer’s Markets, and hungry neighbors.

The Aquaponic System

4 500 gallon fish tanks filled with tilaipa and koi which supply the nutrients to the custom aquaponic farm plant system.
The custom-designed aquaponic farm consists of (4) 1000 gallon fish tanks, cohabitating a cohort of tilapia and koi. Two AST PG12000 Polygeyser Bead Filters simultaneously provide mechanical and biological filtration for the farm. Solid waste captured by the filters are processed in an aerobic mineralization system where nutrients are continuously broken down. The nutrients can then be reintroduced to the plant system.
Like all of our Flourish Farm systems, this system has the ability to operate coupled or decoupled. This means the fish and plant systems can be isolated from each other if needed.




3 ground deep water culture troughs growing varieties of lettuce and basil in the custom aquaponic farm


Plants are grown in (3) 8’x96′ Growasis Ground DWC raft systems, along with a 4’x40′ Growasis Elevated transplanting DWC. This transplanting DWC acts as the intermediary between the nursery and the Ground DWC so that production space isn’t lost in the main grow-out DWCs.




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