Course Syllabus

Module 1 Introduction and Learning Objectives
Unit 1 Introduction and Planning Considerations
Unit 2 Things that influence Production and Profit
Module 2 Feeding and Design Principles
Unit 1 Principles and Research
Unit 2 DWC Layout Plan
Unit 3 Estimating production
Module 3 Design Calculations
Unit 1 Feed and Fish Production
Unit 2 Staggered Stocking Method
Unit 3 Fish Tank Flow Rates
Module 4 Filtration Considerations and Design
Unit 1 Solids Removal
Unit 2 Mineralization
Unit 3 Biological Filtration
Unit 4 Filtration Layout and Additional Considerations
Unit 5 Sump Tanks
Module 5 Coupled and Decoupled Systems
Unit 1 Coupled and Decoupled Concepts
Module 6 Plant System Planning and Design
Unit 1 Nursery and Transplanting Systems
Module 7 Purge and Quarantine
Unit 1 Purge and Quarantine
Module 8 Aeration System Planning and Design
Unit 1 Aeration System Design and Layout
Module 9 System Design Review
Unit 1 Final layout and options