Module 1 Introduction to Farm Accounting and Financial Planning
Unit 1 Links and Downloads
Unit 2 Introduction
Module 2 Financial and Production Planning
Unit 1 Module and Software Introduction
Unit 2 Startup Capital Worksheet
Unit 3 Production Calculator Overview
Unit 4 Seedling and Transplanting Calculators
Unit 5 Fish Production Calculator
Unit 6 Detailed Plant Production Tool
Unit 7 Fish and Plant Revenue and COGS
Unit 8 Energy and Utilities Worksheet
Unit 9 Produce and Fish Revenue Summary
Unit 10 Production and Revenue Scenarios
Unit 11 COGS and Operating Expense Categories
Unit 12 Pro Forma, Cash Flow and Summary Tables
Module 3 Accounting Start Up
Unit 1 Accounting Startup, Chart of Accounts and Schedule F Tax Form
Unit 2 Forms of Capital, Startup Capital
Unit 3 Assets
Unit 4 Liabilities (Debt) and Accounts Payable
Unit 5 Amortization and Depreciation
Unit 6 Owner's Equity
Unit 7 Balance Sheet
Module 4 Customers and Income
Unit 1 Polyculture of Revenue
Unit 2 Customers
Unit 3 Forms of Payments
Unit 4 Invoicing
Module 5 Expenses, Employees and Cash Flow
Unit 1 Operating Capital (Expenses)
Unit 2 Employees (That could just be you for now)
Unit 3 Cash Flow
Module 6 Accounting Activities, Profit and Loss
Unit 1 Accounting Activities
Unit 2 Profit and Loss
Unit 3 Capital/Currency and Closing