Aquabundance systems can be installed in many places however some are better suited than others. Please read our Getting Started Checklist for a more detailed overview of space requirements. Here are a few key considerations:

A solid, level and cleanable surface is ideal to support the weight of the system and to be able to clean the floor should it get water on it. Installing on carpet is not a good idea. The floor should be level.

If installing inside your house, you want to make sure there is adequate space to walk around all of the tanks and grow beds. Good air ventilation and circulation is important for plant health. Most basements and houses don’t have good outside air exchange which can create for high humidity and potentially moldy conditions.

You will want to have access to water and power.

Greenhouses can be great so you can have good air exchange and natural sunlight.

Aquaponic systems are extremely heavy when filled with water so don’t install these systems on floors or surfaces that are unable to support the weight. In some cases you may need a structural engineer to verify if your floor is capable of supporting the system.