Water from the fish tanks feeds by gravity through the filtration system. Fish solid waste is captured in the filter and bacteria on the surface of the biofilter media convert toxic ammonia to nitrates. An aerobic digester tank allows solids that are removed from the filter to be further “mineralized” to maximize nutrient availability. These additional nutrients can be reintroduced to the system or used for other crops. Following the filter water flows into the dual sump system. The dual sumps can be connected or disconnected (discussed further in decoupling). Water is pumped back to the fish tank and also simultaneously to the plant systems. Water pumped to the plant systems returns back to the sumps. Low noise linear air pumps provide aeration to the fish and plant systems.

The recirculating nature of the farm allows for reuse of water and absorption of nutrients which are continuously being produced by the fish. No water needs to be discharged from the farm. Water will need to be topped off periodically due to natural losses from evapotranspiration which are detailed in the energy and water section of this document.