Wholesale Aquaponics

Wholesale Aquaponics with The Aquaponic Source

An Exciting Retail Opportunity!

Say "YES! I can help you!" when a customer asks about Aquaponics!


Are you looking for new ways to draw customers into your store? Imagine being the first retail center in your market to offer a complete line of aquaponics systems, accessories, supplies, and educational materials to your customers. Once you have applied and been approved for our wholesale aquaponics program you can set up the demonstration garden. The sight of plants growing from gravel, the sounds of the water flowing through the garden, and the beauty of live fish will create magic in your garden center or hydroponic store.

"Everyone loves your Aquabundance system and it is a ‘must see’ with our customers."

Demetri Hubbard, Owner Atlantis Hydroponics

We also offer our complete line of aquaponics products to our retailers and drop shippers including...

Our Retail Philosophy

  • We want customers to buy locally. You are a wonderful resource of knowledge, and when customers can buy locally, they develop a trusting and loyal relationship to you. Whenever possible, we will help customers find a local retailer so they can get their products quicker and keep the business with you. 
  • We are only selling these products through independent stores (as well as through our own website) and have no plans to expand into mass merchants. The reason for this is simple - while the opportunity is huge, these products need to be explained. Independent stores have the trained, passionate staff who will get excited about new, innovative technologies and will take the time to tell their customers about aquaponics.
  • Pricing is as important to you as it is to us. We understand that prices on the internet are often lower than retail prices for brick and mortar stores. We offer an MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) as well as the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). Everyone that participates in the wholesale program, including us agrees to maintain this pricing structure so that one vendor doesn't undercut another. You are free to establish your own pricing system as long as it aligns with the MAP standard. 
  • This product is best sold by setting up a system display and actively growing with it. We encourage retailers to set up our AquaUrban or Harmony aquaponic systems in their store, add fish, and grow plants with it. We can help you with this process, and once you get started you will be amazed at how low maintenance this system really is.

wholesale Aquaponics - Grow Fresh"I have found great value in having the Aquabundance system set up in the front window of our hydroponics shop. It draws new customers in, intrigues them, and gives me an opportunity begin a conversation."

Paul Van Lare, Owner, GrowFresh Organics and More

Interested? To find out more about our Wholesale Aquaponics program please contact us!