USDA Certified Organic Fish Food Partnership with Industry Leading Aquaponics Experts

Advanced Biological Concepts has partnered with The Aquaponic Source as the premier retailer for USDA Certified Organic aquaponic food formulated for fish and plants.


Advanced Biological Concepts has always been a leader in organic farming and is the first animal feed company to become USDA certified organic. For nearly 50 years, this company has fostered close relationships with their farmers and suppliers.

Advanced Biological Concepts has partnered with The Aquaponic Source as the premier retailer for USDA Certified Organic aquaponic food formulated specifically for fish and plants.

Advanced Biological Concepts gathers the finest organic herbs and vegetables in the world to make The Aquaponic Source’ private label AquaOrganic aquaponic fish food. No chemicals, no GMO’s, no fish meal, no animal byproducts, no wheat and no soy. They combine the right amount of each nutrient and natural enzymes in the food so the fish’s digestive system will be able break down the food completely.

The Aquaponic Source has the resources to assist the aquaponics gardener at every stage in their aquaponic journey. They provide a full range of training courses taught by successful aquaponic entrepreneurs, educational materials, equipment, supplements, organic fish food and the very best customer service.

The partnership allows customer’s at The Aquaponic Source to grow their fish and plants with the best nutrition and value. Fish feed is one of the most important inputs into an aquaponic system, so quality is key to a successful outcome.

Representative from both companies will be attending the upcoming Aquaponics Association Conference in Austin, Texas November 11-13, 2016. The conference will showcase speakers, vendors, and customers from around the world that are interested in sustainable and innovative gardening and farming practices.

About Advanced Biological Concepts

Advanced Biological Concepts® has been dedicated for over 50 years to providing livestock producers with nutritional technology and innovation formulations to promote maximum animal health for the production of drug and hormone free meat and milk products. 28 years ago, this technology was made available to include the equine and pet industries. In 2013, Advanced Biological Concepts® made the conscious decision to discontinue the sale of all glyphosate-contaminated products, as the side-effects and symptoms of glyphosate contamination could no longer be ignored. All ABC products are now Certified Organic or GMO-free, and Wheat-free.

About The Aquaponic Source

Colorado Aquaponics was founded in 2009 by JD and Tawnya Sawyer. JD and Tawnya purchased the Aquaponic Source in 2015. They have constructed and operated a wide variety of home systems as well as run Flourish Farms – a 3,000 sq ft aquaponic farm located in Arvada, Co, which moved to a 3,000 sq ft facility in partnership with the GrowHaus a non-profit located in Northeast Denver food desert community, and now a 5,000 sq ft system at the Mental Health Center of Denver, Dahlia Campus. This work has provided an opportunity to prove that this innovative farming method is socially appropriate, environmentally responsible, and financially viable. In 2015, the Sawyer’s acquired The Aquaponic Source in Colorado to complete their product offering with a full range of aquaponic systems, and components, to support this fast growing industry xr8q4hf.