Ask aquaponic gardeners what the hardest part of aquaponics is and I’ll bet at least half say “finding the fish!” – Especially tilapia.

White Nile Tilapia

White Nile Tilapia Fingerlings

Unless you live within a reasonable driving distance of a hatchery that is willing to sell you small quantities (meaning less than a thousand) you are generally out of luck. I know that here in Colorado I can pick up trout fry within 15 minutes of my house, but getting tilapia requires a four hour drive to the Southern border. And even if you do manage to find tilapia from a hatchery they will almost certainly have been hormonally sex changed into all-male stock.,

Today all that changes.

I’m extremely proud to announce that we have partnered with a highly reputable hatchery to provide small batches (as few as 15 fry) to the aquaponic gardening community. Our partners are the same Midwest husband and wife team who make our premium small batch fish feed.

We are offering White Nile and Blue tilapia fingerlings (larger than fry) in mixed male / female lots. Because tilapia breed easily in

Blue tilapia

Blue tilapia

aquaponic systems, this should give you a perpetual colony of fish. While the prices may look a bit high, remember that most of the cost is in the custom, insulated packaging and the handling – which is the same whether you are ordering 15 fish or 50 – and the overnight shipping of a box of water. Plus they are guaranteed to be superior quality, disease free, and delivered live.

We will be maintaining a small supply of these tilapia fingerlings in our greenhouse in Colorado. These will be available for pickup only when they are in stock so Colorado aquaponic gardeners can buy small batches of tilapia without the cost of shipping.

Click here for more information on our tilapia fingerlings.

May your holidays be filled with fun, family, friends and lots and lots of fish!