I’m tired of growing in the greenhouse. I’m so ready to take my aquaponic systems outside where Nature just takes care of things like heat, light, and bugs. That’s right – when you are growing outside Nature is there by your side helping you fight those nasty little critters that try to suck the life out of your plants. Wind blows them off, heavy rain washes them off, but the best help of all are the predator insects. I’ve paid real money to have ladybugs and lacewings shipped to me three times this past winter to take care of what Nature does for free. I’m so ready to be outside.

But not all of us can move our systems outside, or we prefer to grow in our homes, and most of us need to know what to do during the winter months when Nature’s assistance becomes sparse. We all need to know how to handle those nasty little critters in an indoor environment. I think I have learned a thing or two about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) during the past years of not only running my greenhouse, but managing the AeroGrow research lab and display nursery. I’ve filmed two short videos (with the help of my 15 year old son) with some tips for handling the battle of the bugs. Part one is about Prevention and Observation, the first two steps in the three part IPM program. In a couple weeks I’ll post part 2 with tips for Intervention – wouldn’t want to give away the whole story right up front 😉

By the way, for those of you wonderful readers who have been following my YouTube Channel at slywoman1, I’ve decided to change to the more, ahem, professional channel name of Aquaponic Gardening (you just have to grow out of those college nicknames at some point). Please do me a favor and re-subscribe to the new channel. That is where all my new video postings will be found from now on, so let me know what you would like to see covered in future shoots. I promise to include the dog.