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Our Core Values

[numbers_sections number=”1″ title=”Customers” last=”no” ]It is only through our customers that we can drive toward our vision to spread aquaponics gardening throughout North America. Our customers will find us totally committed to their aquaponics experience and discover that we will provide the products and services to make our customers successful.[/numbers_sections] [numbers_sections number=”2″ title=”Aquaponics” last=”no” ]We are deeply committed to the advancement of aquaponics as a sustainable growing methodology. We believe that it is one of the cornerstones of the future of world agriculture and will work tirelessly to spread that word.[/numbers_sections] [numbers_sections number=”3″ title=”Planet” last=”no” ]We want to make the planet a better place through our products. Aquaponics growing through its very nature is sustainable and water-wise, and we need to be sure that our products reinforce that legacy. To that end we are committed to seeking out earth-friendly products, materials and processes whenever possible.[/numbers_sections]

What Our Visitors Say

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What We Stand Behind:

The Aquaponic Source is a Colorado-based company with a mission to empower people to grow their own fish and vegetables in their homes and schools. We strive to achieve this mission by being committed to the following:


Aquaponics classroom
At The Aquaponic Source we believe that an educated gardener is an empowered and successful gardener.  How do we educate gardeners?  Every way we can think of!  For starters we wrote the award-winning Aquaponic Gardening Book. We also run North America’s largest aquaponics forum called the Aquaponic Gardening Community, which is an incredibly dynamic source of information and conversation. We regularly publish articles on our blog and our Aquaponic Gardening YouTube Channel offers new video insights into aquaponics.  We have also developed a 33-session online course that has over 1000 students and an almost perfect track record of five star reviews. Finally, with our new Aquaponics Training Center, we are able to offer a series of in-person classes for all experience and interest levels.

Aquaponic Gardening BookWhile we LOVE teaching and creating free educational materials, we need to pay our team and pay our rent. The way we do that is by developing and sourcing high quality aquaponic gardening systems, supplies and educational materials. We only sell what we believe in and use on our own aquaponic gardens and farms. We back that up in our grow lab where we are constantly testing new products for both efficacy and the safety of all the living elements of your aquaponics system.

4aflourishfarms16Anybody can say that they are “the leaders of the industry”, but at The Aquaponic Source we back that claim up with actions every day. Our team is actively involved with all aspects of aquaponics from home, school and farm scale systems. Each member of our team brings unique and meaningful experience to the company while all sharing a deep commitment to growing healthy food. Owners JD and Tawnya Sawyer have been full time aquaponics researchers, educators and farmers since 2009 and have fully dedicated their lives to the development of sustainable food systems for our planet.