Aquaponic Gardening BookI received an email last week from a guy in England who mentioned that it was a shame that my book wouldn’t be available until this coming fall, but that he had just pre-ordered it anyway. I responded by saying that maybe he was confusing my book with some other one, but just in case I asked him where he saw it. He replied that it was on and he sent me a link. And there it was! After a few hours of being astounded that I actually had a book on, I got over it – and I got going. I realized that I was making less than a buck on each of those sales – seriously – and that I’d much rather be selling signed copies of my book personally to our own loyal customers!

The next day we pulled together a product page for pre-sale of the book. We are offering 30% off the cover price – within $1 of Amazon’s price – but when you buy from us you will receive a signed copy and have the satisfaction of knowing that the author will actually be paid part of the money that would otherwise go to Amazon. It’s a great book, in my somewhat humble opinion, with everything you need to know to successfully construct, start up, and operate a media-based aquaponic system plus warmth and humor through quotes, stories and images from the grassroots community of aquaponic gardeners who have given birth to this wonderful style of gardening. Click here to learn more.

I hope you decide you need it for your aquaponics library!