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Instant D-Klor/Zym Bac Combo Pack

Instant D-Klor/Zym Bac Combo Pack


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Product Description

Combo pack of two 1 oz bottles.  One bottle of Instant D-Klor, and one bottle of Zym Bac Nitrifying Bacteria

Instant D-Klor Description:

Revolutionary Natural Water Conditioner

  • Acts as a source of Vitamin C for fish
  • Formulated with slime enhancing Aloe Vera
  • Safe for aquaponic systems
  • Ideal for live planted tanks
  • Safe for ecosystems where fish and plants coexist
  • Will not harm biological filters
  • Chemical-Free

Safe when used as directed. Active ingredient Vitamin C actually benefits fish.

Instant D-Klor is a natural dechlorinator formulated using sodium ascorbate which is a natural source of Vitamin C. D-Klor’s Vitamin C is beneficial to fish, invertebrates and live aquarium plants. Instant D-Klor’s aloe vera helps to enhance the fish’s natural protective surface slime coating.

Removes chlorine and breaks the chlorine/ammonia bond in chloramines used to sanitize public water supplies.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and preservatives.

Zym Bac Description:

Establishes biological filtration quickly and helps prevent “New Tank Syndrome”

Contains only naturally occurring specially cultured beneficial bacteria.

  • Rapidly seeds biological filters
  • Corrects ammonia/nitrite imbalances
  • Improves aquarium water conditions naturally
  • Is safe for fish.
  • Extends longevity of aquatic life
  • Does not affect pH

Zym Bac contains species of bacteria that are beneficial when starting or accelerating the nitrogen cycle of biological filtration, particularly in those aquariums in which the proper bacteria are in short supply or are not naturally present. Zym Bac will greatly bolster the number of naturally occurring nitrifying bacteria present, resulting in shorter cycle times and more efficient biological filtration. Zym Bac will help replace bacteria lost due to medicating, changing filter media, adding new fish, etc. The bacteria provided in Kordon Zym Bac are particularly effective, hardy, and beneficial over the long term in aquarium keeping.

Nitrifying Bacteria must be kept at a temperature that is above freezing (32 degrees)

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