Supreme Magnetic Drive Pumps 950 GPH – 2400 GPH


Magnetic drive pumps are specifically designed to meet the demands of a pond. Unlike other pumps, magnetic drive pumps are made to run continuously, without seals to wear out. Magnetic drive pumps are highly energy efficient using less energy than direct driven pumps, and they will potentially save hundreds of dollars over time. Filled with epoxy, rather than oil, these pumps cannot leak oil into the pond, which can be harmful or fatal to fish and plants.

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Supreme Magnetic Drive Pump

How The Supreme Magnetic Drive Pump

The pump is a magnetically driven centrifugal water pump. It has no seals to wear and contains no oil. The pump can be used submerged or inline. Inline means connections are made directly to the pump inlet and outlet ports, which have 3/4 ” NPT threads. All electrical components are encapsulated in epoxy. The energy used is approximately 1/2 of regular driven pumps. The prefilter is provided for use in situations where debris in the water could clog or damage the pump. This helps to give uninterrupted service.

Product Details:

  • Reusable Foam Pre-Filter
  • Operates Submerged or In-Line
  • 10′ Grounded Power Cord
  • 1/2″ FPT Inlet, MPT Outlet
  • Nominal: 900 GPH
  • Watts: 93
  • GPH at 0′: 975
  • GPH at 1′: 780
  • GPH at 3′: 740
  • GPH at 5′: 685
  • GPH at 7′: 610
  • GPH at 10′: 450
  • GPH at 15′: –
  • Shutoff: 12.85′
  • Cord Length: 10′
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) in inches: 5.5 x 3.4 x 5
  • Amps/Watts: 1.33/93