Pure Blend Pro Grow


For use during a plant’s vegetative growth stage.

100% plant soluble organics for when you are “between fish”.  Premium blend of ultra-soluble humates, organic plant acids, trace minerals, vitamins, and select amino acids. Makes an excellent foliar spray for aquaponic or hydroponic systems.

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Pure Blend Pro Grow

How Pure Blend Pro Grow works:

Organic-based complete nutrient to feed your plants when you have no fish. Pure Blend Pro Grow won’t create any dangerous chemical buildups of typical hydroponic nutrients.

Pure Blend Pro® Grow is a premium plant food for use in soil, coco, hydroponic and aquaponic applications. Pure Blend Pro® Grow is beneficial for fruits, flowers, vegetables, houseplants, shrubs, cacti and succulents. For best results use every watering.

Pure Blend Pro Grow is intended to supplied to plants during the vegetative growth stage.

Product Details:

  • Greatly improves crop quality by raising saccharinity, ascorbic acid content and brix levels
  • Maximizes plant’s aroma and flavor profile naturally and organically
  • 100% Water soluble for quick absorption and immediate results
  • Provides a valuable carbon source for beneficial microorganisms to thrive
  • Suitable for all growing methods

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