Liquid Ladybug


100% Organic


Liquid Ladybug is the best way to control spider mites!It suffocates, not poisons the mites and evaporates away leaving no residue after treatment. It’s 100% organic, safe to use from seedling to harvest, safe to use with lights on and does not stress plants – allowing daily use if desired.  Liquid Ladybug is effective in controlling: two spotted spider mites, red spider mites, red palm mites, Cyclamen mites, rust mites,broad mites, aphids, fungus gnats, Whiteflies and Thrips.

Designed as a zero environmental impact pesticide, non-toxic Liquid Ladybug is safe for people, pets and plants. 100% Organic for all plants and is safe to use daily. It effectively evaporates away after treatment leaving no residue, odor or taste. No Petrochemicals.

MSDS-Liquid Ladybug RTU_1128